Friday, February 6, 2009

An inside in progress...and Jus Scores!

A while back on the blog we posted some pictures of the cake that Justin made for his book report project. Well....he came home today with his grade sheet and got perfect 5's on all aspects of his book report, from storytelling (oral presentation), his project (cake) and his spelling and grammer! Go Jus!!!

Here are some things I've done so far to the teak bookshelves...

This was yesterday...crunchy potato wedges....

Today is deep fried cheese ravioli! Wow!

We were watching We Are Marshall while having lunch and Jacob was going nuts! I think the boy likes football! He was bouncing like mad and practicing his "voice". Of course once I started to video he stopped...but I think I caught him pretty good the second time around!

My First Big Boy Bath...

Last night Jacob took his first bath in the bath tub! He sure loved it! Justin enjoyed helping too!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Bus!!!

I finally got the shower curtain up in Justin's bathroom.

Justin gets to take the bus to and from school now. The bus picks him up right on the corner of our street! I tried to get a pic of him getting off the bus (but didn't want him to see me) but I was too late! I did get a picture of the bus leaving the stop before ours (the Clubhouse) and Justin coming down the street!

Our First (Non Take Out/Non Delivery) Dinner......

As you can imagine we haven't eaten the healthiest lately! We've done the Taco Bell thing and had pizza delivered the first night. Yesterday we got the fridge and fridge freezer stuff moved over, so we had some real "ish" food! I did Chicken Kiev (from Schwan's), Salad in an Bag and some Pasta Roni. It was a hit! This was the first time using the oven and it actually says "Preheating" on the bottom! Ha!

Our "Dining Room Card Table". For now it works! In Reno they have an auction the first Saturday of the month and you can see on line what has sold and for how much. There have been some GREAT deals and we are going to check it out. Thursday after 5 you can see the list of items at the auction on the internet. Friday you can go preview them and Saturday you can go and buy. We are looking for a dining room table and chairs (we'd like to be able to seat 8 with a leaf) and some area rugs. We'll see what we can find! Someday we'll get some new bar stools too.

Here was our dinner! We even celebrated with a glass of Shiraz!

Jacob had a good time having snacks too!

Starting to Move In....

Here are some misc. pictures of us moving in! I will keep taking more as things progress! Like this one of our room, it now has other furniture in it and a floor full of boxes, but it sure looks good! Hee!

Justin's room under construction.

The kitchen counters actually got worse, then they got better, but today I think they'll get worse!

I think it was my mom that got me this cook flip cook book. I put it in one of our teak shelves, that has my cookbooks on it and am going to flip it each day and see what it has to offer! It has TONS of stuff! Maybe if it strikes my fancy and I have the ingredients I can make it that day!

Fried Whitetail? I think I'll pass...LOL. Today it's baked potato wedges! Mmm! Better!

My cookbooks are on this case.

The front case. I've put some things on it now and it looks great!...So far!

Justin's room with his bed all set up.

Boy oh boy that boy has some trophies! Mom and David gave me this furniture AGES ago, when I was still in highschool! John just used a staple gun to tighten up the bottom of the drawers and away we go! Presto, Justin has his own bedroom set and it looks great in there! He started doing his homework in his room and I think he secretly likes it!

Jacob's first night...this was taken in the morning, I don't think he minds the move at all! He is just bummed he can't crawl around right now because there is too much stuff everywhere!

This was all the computer's now gone and replaced with crates and boxes galore! John got the computer up and running yesterday and last night did the TV's.

"Let me Out!!" Jacob found the slider to the deck yesterday and was having fun banging on it! I didn't have the heart to tell Daddy yet....he cleaned all the windows just recently!

Linda found this cover for the couch. I think it looks great and Shyla loves it!

Justin doing some homework (Jacob was protesting to his nap and was making a lot of noise...Justin isn't used to being right next door to him!) and John with Shyla on the couch.
I will post more as soon as I can! My break is over for now :-)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have just a second to put some pictures of the finished house up! I have taken pics of us "setting up house" and hope to get them up soon!!! Love to all!

We are on the Move!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that we are in the throes of moving right now! We started on Sunday and spent our first night here last night! John and Bob are bringing over the last of our food, clothes and bedroom furniture. I have been taking pictures of this fun process and of the house when it was all clean and sparkly after being all finished! I will post them as soon as I can! I hope this finds everyone doing well!

Off to unpack!!!