Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunsets, Wild Animals and Mustangs.

This past week John started a new batch of his famous hot sauce! (We are now taking orders...LOL). I had intended to take pictures of the process, but we got into a groove and I forgot all about the pictures! I will get pictures of John during the "week long shaking process" and then later as he puts it in the food mill and bottles it!

Here are the peppers and some of the spices!

I caught a good glimpse of the sunset the other evening. Gorgeous! This is from our sliding glass window, out to the backyard area.

Now I'm used to raccoons and deer in the back yard...but coyotes????? This one was right in the back; there was a nother closer to the pond. I'm sure they were eyeballing the Canadian Geese that were sitting on the ice on the pond, but they don't dare go out there so they were safe!
In the middle of that night, around 3am or so, we heard them howling and making that charming noise they make and there was one in our yard and one in the neighbors yard.

John got the garage all cleaned and made all these great shelves for the walls. He had been trying to get this all taken care of so he could bring over the fishing/camping gear (done) and bring the Mustang. He got the Mustang in today! Yippee!!!

Here are the guys (John and Bob) getting it into the garage!

Under the tires is something that looks like a miniature furniture dolly. It has 4 pivoting wheels and they just had to jack the car up and get them under the tires. Then they were able to push the Mustang into the back of the garage! John even made a customized shelf for the Subaru's "Space Case"!

Then he got Spidey in....

And then the Subey! They all fit in there quite well! I'm just thankful I have a railroad tie (which you can't see) under the left tire so I can't keep backing up into anything!

Jacob has kind of waved on and off for a while now, but now he's in full swing! He waves at EVERYTHING! Especially the ceiling fan. That is his favorite! I tried to get some video of him waving (not the best video) but he was getting tired and wasn't too cooperative. He also tried steak that same night for dinner! He loved it!

Grandma Linda found this toy for Jacob at one of the thrift stores she goes to; she has the best luck finding this stuff! Jacob is loving playing with; especially the fact he can stand while he plays with it! The "trombone" slider is one of his favorite sounds!