Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun on the deck on a Saturday Night!!

Justin was having a lot of fun..or was it Jacob??? After dinner tonight. It got cool enough to play on the deck and the boys just had too much fun! ALL the boys!!!

Obstacle Course Fundraiser

Here is some video of the festivities!!!

Did I mention that a bear decided to come down and join in the fun?????????

Friday, August 21, 2009


After the Jamboree we headed to my Mom's to visit and help get ready for Theresa's baby shower, which was the next day. We got to visit with Auntie Vaden as well. We all went to Celia's for dinner....Mmmmm! Erin, Rob, Steven and Mackenzie met us at Celia's and we sure had fun!

This was John's burrito. Wowzers!
Jacob and Mackenzie had a blast together.

Are they trying to find a place to break out?

Too much fun! So cute!
This way Miss. I'll show you to your seat.

Since our party was large we were seated in the same area where we had our rehearsal dinner. It was so fun to be in that "room" again, and it was great because the kids got to run around and have some fun!

Paging Dr. Wall......Steven came in some garb he got from Stanford Hospital while Erin was there. He even had a real stethiscope! He was so adorable and fun...he is an amazing kid! I think he's giving Jacob a free consultation here.

"I think you're going to be just fine Jacob". "Thank you Dr. Wall!"

These two were just adorable!
Mackenzie laid a hug and kiss on sweet! A great way to end the evening!!!

The Jamboree!!!

Last weekend Justin and his team, the Renegades, went to the "Football Experience". It's where the teams all get together and do 15-minute scrimmages. It gives the players a chance to experience what it's like to be in a real game environment and it gives the coaches a chance to play the kids in the positions they are thinking of putting them in.

We trucked off to Nevada at the butt crack of dawn and had the best time! Justin played at 10 and 10:30 and we were there by 6:45!!! Justin had the time of his life!

Justin and Tyson having some fun before the festivities.
The field. The Experience was held at a new park. There are many football fields as well as a park and baseball field. There were so many teams from all over, I lost count!!! They all play these 15 minute scrimmages and there are kids everywhere!
I must say...I felt very Brady's all astro turf!

Jacob has taken quite a liking to pushing his stroller all over....downhill of course!

Justin's team on the field.

Jacob finally conked out after a little crying/screaming jag. We were sitting by the generators that were filling up the giant bouncy house, so the "white noise" kept him sleeping for quite some time. I think it was about an hour or so!

Cheering on his teammates!
Gotta love it....Hoekman! Go Hoekman!!!
The next Joe Montana? Jerry Rice maybe???? Hmmm....he's handsome for sure!

This is at the end where both teams come up and slap each others hands for a game well played!

The coaches all sat the kids down after the game and told them how proud they were! It was very sweet, fun, and touching.