Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Trip to San Diego

Here are some pictures from our great trip to San Diego! We left Monday morning and spent the night at my sister-in-law Carla's house. Tuesday we left for Chula Vista and saw my in-laws at their boat. Wednesday we sailed on their boat (it was such a gorgeous day) and Thursday we went to the Wild Animal Park and got to see my high-school friend Katie and her two sons! Then we left for Mission Viejo and spent another night at my sister-in-law's house! Thank you! Friday we trucked on back home!

Our adventure started with lunch at Harris Ranch.

Justin had fun playing with the Wii "Outdoor Adventure" series games that his cousin's had. It sure looked fun (and addicting) to me!

This is a shot of the ocean while we were driving to Chula Vista.

We saw these helicopters.

Tuesday we stopped by the boat!!

Wednesday we went is our first rate first mate!

Once we started the engines, the humm put Jacob right to sleep. I think he slept about an hour or more in my arms! He hadn't done that in about 6 months (fall asleep in my arms) so I was stoked!

Our first mate driving us out to the ocean.

Point Loma.

Some military ships we passed. We saw all sorts of military activity and drills! They were actually parachuting our of planes, into the water, and doing some sore of training!

Me and my little sailor!


Some sea lions were hanging out on the channel marker!

Jacob helping with the lines!

Grandma and Jacob.

Cocktail time after our journey! Ha ha!

At the marina they have these "rolling buckets" that you can carry all of your items in and roll them to your boat or car. Jacob dug it!

Thursday morning we went to pick up Justin at the boat and headed off to the San Diego Wild Animal Park!
These are pictures of their boat.

Our day at the Wild Animal Park begins!

It was a gorgeous day...I think it got up to about 80, or real close to it!

Jus is almost as large as the gorilla :-)

Katie and I! I was so happy we got to meet up! She brought her two sons with her (they have season passes) and we happened to be at the part of the park that was just about the furthest from the front gates as you could be...trying to get those two boys to go straight to where we were was a task! She had to promise them a trip on the tram, so we only got a bit of time together before they had to leave! It was so great to see her!

Jacob conked out on Daddy around his normal nap time...too sweet!

The stork!

Daddy had a lot of fun posing, with a sleeping Jacob, with the giraffe statue!

We had some fun in the petting zoo! We had some excitement too...John and Jacob were kneeling by a deer that was laying down, and all of the sudden another deer, from behind, came and jumped of the other deer. Luckily John moved his arm and (unfortunately) the deer hit him, but if he didn't it would have hit Jacob in the chest pack! There were signs all over saying not to run, not to be loud, etc....but some parents just don't pay attention to their kids.....

As you can imagine Justin had fun seeing these guys! Katie texted me on her way out of the park to tell me about these guys!

While we were there I got to take Jacob on his first Merry Go Round ride EVER! (Video to come later). He had a BLAST!!!! He was giggling and having a great time, and so was I!!!

Justin had fun too!

Auntie Carla had fun with Jacob too!

We took video as well, but I still need to go through them all!! I will post those next! We had a wonderful time!!!!