Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hanging Pictures...

We started hanging pictures today! We got a bunch done and just had to stop for a while! We sure have a lot of pictures!
Here is John hanging the first one...

Shyla was exploring the bookcase...

Fun with the Cousins!!!

John's sister Carla, her husband Vince and their two girls Katie and Sarah are up for a visit this weekend. Vince went skiing today while Carla, Linda and the girls came over for a visit, and for some sledding on the hill out back. It was a fun visit for all!

Sarah and Jacob.

Sarah, Jacob and Auntie Carla.

Sarah and Jacob had a lot of fun together!

Sarah played with Jacob, with her yellow scarf! Jacob was having a blast!

Katie, Jacob and Sarah playing. Trying to get everyone in a picture was hard!

Sarah, Justin, Jacob and Katie.

Misc Pictures

Between moving and unpacking and trying to get things done I haven't had much time to blog! Today John and I plan to hang some pictures, so I hope to get some more pictures taken and be able to post them! Next week we are going to San Diego for a few days, so I will hopefully have fun things to tell you when I get back! We hope to visit the Wild Animal Park and see a friend of mine I haven't seen since High School who now lives down there.

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

John had fun with Jacob and put his "donuts" on his wrists and ankles. He had a blast! It didn't hinder him a bit...he crawled around making jingle noises and he loved it!

Here are Granddad and Jacob strolling down the hall....

Jacob LOVES avocado! Yum!

John and David got the garage clean enough to put both the Subaru and Spidey in!

Granddad and Jacob enjoying some TV together.

Mom got me this sign for my birthday, from the great kitchen gallery in town, and John hung it up for me last night! It's up above the kitchen window!

David and John got the CD shelf up (John made it) and got all our CD's and DVD's on there. It is now full, and John made another shelf on the top!

Here is a video of Jacob and John enjoying some NASCAR together. He loves the sounds, the colors, the's either in his blood or because he's been at the go-kart track since he was born! Well, technically before he was born!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Over-Stuffed Pantry!

At the other house we had a HUGE walk in pantry; it was sweet! We put all our "unused" and "interesting" pots, pans, roasters and appliances on the top shelf and were able to put ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in it it was so big. John and I agreed that we needed something big here as we tend to have many cereal boxes and tons of canned goods! Well...we have filled the whole darned thing up! The shelves pull out, like Erin's, so it's really amazing the amount of stuff you can get on there. I had to put all my baking things in a Rubbermaid container to go out in the garage, along with our 75 boxes of green tea! We are definately eating out of the pantry, for sure! We HAVE to get the stuff down!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Auction Items

This is the dresser/nightstand. It is taller than we planned, but it works and it has a lot of storage! I have a whole bottom drawer to put crap in! LOL

This was what I was using as a dresser. Right now the 4 large drawers are full of table linens, and I hope to eventually put napkin rings and candles in the top two drawers!
This is the 3 drawer pine stand we got! It is newer so it isn't as "aged" (color wise) as the others, but it will be! We've put the printer and all printer accessores (ink, paper etc) in the drawers!

Here it is next to John's dresser. His nightstand is a 4-drawer version of his dresser.