Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pictures of Jake

Gram-Gram and Granddad visited last week and we had a blast! Jacob sure "hams" it up for Gram-Gram! As soon as he sees her red light on her camera.....he just poses for her! She got some great shots of him and I'm not afraid to say I stole them from her blog! I tried to take some too, but he likes her camera better!

We were saying "Cheeeeeeese" and he LOVED it!

Here is his "Rock Star" pose.

See what I mean??? The kid just POSES for Gram-Gram! Too funny! I had a bit of fun with his hair...Mom and I kept saying he was Doc Brown!!!
"I'm going to take you the Future!!!"

Football Has Started!

Monday football practice officially started! Justin is on the Renegades and so far he is having a BLAST! Last week was "conditioning week" and Wednesday they got all their gear. We are lucky; it's brand new this year! Next week they get to practice with all their gear on!!!
Here are some pictures from practice.

Their colors are red and gray.

Jacob was having fun cruising around in his shades and flirting with the ladies!

Here is Justin getting his gear.

One excited kid....

Lookin' good!!!!

Jacob was getting some tips from one of the Jr. Coaches and was loving every minute of it!

My Mom got some GREAT pictures of Justin and his team; check out her blog too! The link is on the top right of my blog site!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mamma Mia!

Wow...Mamma Mia is right! While watching the movie together and playing on the couch, Jacob scooted off the couch, and then climbed right back up by himself! And here I thought it was the other boys messing up the couch cover.....LOL. The couch cover makes a good grabbing point! Jacob also managed to let me get some of his "groovin' to the music" on video!