Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mmmm...I Like Rice Cereal :-)

Here are some pictures I got today of Jacob eating his cereal! I was the "feeder" and the photographer, but I think they came out well! He is really loving his cereal!

Finally a House Update!!!!

Finally here are some pictures I took at the house yesterday afternoon, testing out the new camera!

Here is the shower, all insulated and ready for plywood!

Here is the driveway...we have a driveway! Yippee! Also the "fake" doors on the garage!

Here is a shot into the kitchen and the rest of the house (bedrooms and bathrooms!)

Here is the back can see the stairs on one end there on the right; there is an identical set at the other end.

Yesterday John got the can lights wired in the covered part of the back deck.

A shot of the stairs at the side of the deck.

Finally the hook ups for our washer and dryer! Woo hoo!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Know it's Been a While....

since I've posted, but we have had camera issues. First the flash wouldn't work and we realized, thanks to Justin, it was because the flash had a nice, large crack in it. Fixing it would probably cost as much as buying a new one, not to mention taking longer, so we finally found the camera we wanted to buy. First I got it through Dell, at a much cheaper price, so I paid the extra for fast shipping. It was supposed to be here tomorrow, but they just notified me it wouldn't be shipped until the end of NEXT week. So I went ahead and cancelled that order and got it off Amazon. It said it guaranteed delivery I can finally get some pictures posted! I found an old camera in the closet and may try it; we'll see how it goes. Justin came home sick from school this afternoon so there may not be much picture taking time. But I hope to get more tomorrow...we are getting plumbing, we have a driveway, and "temporary" doors on the house. Also, the painting should be starting on Monday! Woo! We hope all is well with you all!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Reno Balloon Races...Day Two!

Here we are for day number two of the Great Reno Balloon Races! It was supposed to be "Special Shape Balloons" on Sunday, but all we saw were the same balloons from the day before! It was a little disappointing, but we sure had a good time! Even getting up at 3am again...Just seeing the Dawn Patrol is worth it. John got some video of it and we hope to get it on the blog ASAP! Jacob didn't even seem to mind getting up at 3am again...he was a great sport!