Saturday, May 9, 2009

Helmet in Progress

John has been airbrushing a helmet for Justin for his go-kart racing. It's really intense and must have patience for this job! John and Bob have watched tons of videos on the subject and it's looking awesome! John is doing a great job! Here are some pictures of the helmet in progress!

Here is the flame part....

John spent over two hours taping over the flames. In order to paint the rest of the helmet he had to tape over the flames and use an exacto knife to slice around the tips and edges of the flamers and then pull off the tape around it....geez!

Here are the flames all covered up and ready for the next stage.....the solid colors on the back!

Here is John at Bob's house, in the back garage, painting in the paint booth!


A masterpiece in progress!

Here it is with the solid colors painted on the back. Now we're ready for the checkerboard pattern! Checkered flag style :-)

There is the checkerboard pattern! You can still see the blue tape around the flames, and the indentations of it under the silver part. Once the back is painted they will take all the tape off.

The helmet looks's literally just the shell. After you have painted your helmet, you send it back and they finish it up; put the foam in and the visor, vents etc!

Here is the green diamond pattern in the back. Originally there was another designed planned, but it just wouldn't work out (even though John tried VERY hard to get it to work!) so Justin chose this pattern and at the top part sticking up there he is putting Justin's name!!!

Here it is with the tape off and you can see the flames. Looking AWESOME!!!