Saturday, February 28, 2009

How it's been going....

Here are some odd ball pictures from the past week!

While Justin had a visit with his Mom, we took Jacob to the park and let him go on the swings. He LOVES the swing!

When we came back from San Diego we had promised Justin a crab leg dinner. The boy can't get enough of seafood! He really loves crab! So we got some steaks and some crab legs. Here is John doing the steaks, on our new porch!

I did Marsala Mushrooms and a twice baked potato. It was yummy! We sure had fun cracking into the shell! I was picking it up off the floor the next day....

Jacob tried a Gerber pasta dish of shells and cheese...and LOVED it!

While in So. Cal we went to a store called Galco's. We had seen it on Modern Marvels and it was talking about all it's great arrays of soda's (it is a HUGE selection) and the Red Ribbon Cherry was it's focus. It is great! We also got Sasparilla and Kickapoo Joy Juice (a grapefruit soda). I also got, which we haven't tried yet, a cucumber soda and a chocolate espresso soda! Fun!

John has started getting the shelving on the walls in the garage.

Jacob can conk out hard during a nap...

These are the Canadian Geese that hang out here regularly. They are actually in our backyard!!!
We spent over an hour going through Justin's room together, cleaning it, organizing it, and getting rid of "junk". He was aware of this and had quite a few days to "secure" the things he wanted to keep! LOL.

Lookin' good!

Justin had a sleep over last night at his friend Tyson's house, so John made me bacon wrapped filets covered in bleu cheese! I made baked potatoes and Caesar salad. After dinner and after we put Jacob down for the night we watched The Dark Night. It was a fun evening!