Saturday, April 25, 2009

Recent Happenings....

Not too much has been going on at Casa Hoekman.....I've been working full-time hours trying to help Longs have a smooth transition while it is taken over by CVS/Pharmacy. Going back has had it's ups and downs, but it's been great to be back with the girls! Next week I will be working full-time as well, as next week, Wednesday to be exact, we open as CVS/Pharmacy. Well...we will have a new pharmacy and registers (and all Longs product has been replaced with the CVS brand) but we won't have a new sign, outfits or shelving until later this should be quite the experience! I sure hope it goes smooth for all!!!

John got this great picture of a sunset a few days ago....gorgeous!!!!!

John got the lights in the tank now. So we are all set for fish....almost! The charcoal, water, sand/rock, lights and thermometer is all in it and whatever stuff you put in first! But....since it's enclosed (there may be more reasons as well) the water is running hot. If you open the cabinet doors it is really LOUD (it reminds me of the air conditioning unit I used to be able to hear outside my bedroom window at my Meemaw's house in Porterville) so opening the doors defeats the purpose of having them! John had to get a chiller which should be here next week. Once that is in, and we run it a bit we can get these special I can't remember their name, that you put in first to get the tank "ready". Then we can get fish! I'm getting a Dorrie!!! Woop!

John is working on painting Justin's racing helmet. He is going to do flames and then put a dragon on the back. He is nervous, being this is his first time doing anything like this, but I'm sure he can do it and it will look great!

For Jacob's birthday he got a Learning's a great toy that goes through their growth of 12-36 months and has fun games (learning of course) and it's all about cause and reaction....this was his first time on it...I think we see more of John than anything, but he's getting the gist of it!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Tank Pictures!

John got the lacquer on the doors today and they look great! It all blends in so well and we are on our way now! We just need some fish!

The Fish Tank!!!

John has been working hard, with occasional help from Justin, to get his old fish tank up and running. He built this great stand, covered it with veneer and had to use special polish to scrub the acrylic tank so it was clear again!

Here he is with a ton of pipe parts etc....

It's like a puzzle!!

Jacob wanted to help too....

Here are Jus and John mixing the salt with the water, after the rock, sand and coral are in, and filling the tank with the water!

Justin swore he could taste the salt!!! All we adults needed was the margarita to go with this!

Getting full!

All full!! Here are the cabinet doors before John got to lacquer them! They will be in the next post!