Friday, January 9, 2009

We Picked Out Our Blinds!

You doesn't seem to matter how I pick out the sequence of the photos, they come up wherever they want!! We picked our blinds today, yay, and John got most of the lights/fans up, so I thought I would take some pictures as well! AND imagine my surprise when the DOORBELL rang....I didn't even know we had one installed yet! Hee! We decided to go with horizontal blinds for all except the front window that faces the street; those will be vertical. We chose fabric for the vertical and the cloth like we have here. They will be the exact same style of blinds we have at the Chelmsford house, except they won't be "black out" blinds. John did special things while insulating so we shouldn't have to worry about things like that. All of the window coverings, except the one in the Master Bath and over the kitchen sink window will be the kind that not only pull up from the bottom, but the top goes down too. That way we can still have some privacy, get some light, and still have a view!

This is the ceiling fan/light in the living room.

Here is our doorbell!

This is a bad picture....But you can kind of see how things mesh together. The fabric on the left is the blind fabric for the front window vertical blinds. It's called Sienna. Then there is a piece of our flooring on top of the tile for the fireplace. (Speaking of which, I said in a post that John was doing that, but someone is coming Monday to do it!). Cocoa Mist is the color of our blinds for the rest of our house; I think if you really wanted to see them you could go to and check it out there. We will have them by next Friday, so once John gets them up I will take pictures!

This is the mess we were making while choosing! I chose the fabric for the vertical blind, and John loved it. So we chose it! LOL. Then Danielle, our blind lady (LOL) found the color for the other blinds, which was great! We went through a few, but this was perfect!

This is the chandilier over the dining room. John has it pulled up so he won't knock himself out everytime he walks under it...

The is one of the 2 wall sconces; this in the one on the left!

This is the ceiling fan/light that is in the boys' room!

Jacob's Train

Jacob got this great play "ball" train for Christmas. Not only can it move, it can also be pushed and the plastic balls that go into the top can either come out the back or swirl around the top and keep going in and swirl out! Jacob has gotten very good at putting them in and taking them out! There are 3 balls and he is happy with two; one for each hand he can bang together. Sometimes he drops a ball so he can pull another out..but I didn't catch that on tape. But here he is playing with it!

Banana Yogurt...

Jacob tried banana yogurt for the first time today. (I say vanilla in the video, but it's banana!) I've been wanting to have him try yogurt and cottage cheese and yesterday the doctor said we should try it. They both can't be low fat or non fat; it has to be the real stuff. The cottage cheese was not hard at all to find but the yogurt was! Everything is either low fat or non-fat. I found an organic "baby" brand and when I tasted it I didn't think he'd like it either, but then I'm not used to yogurt made with whole milk. I will keep trying! Hopefully he will like the vanilla better! If not, I'll try plain, I did see that. Next we'll try the cottage cheese!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can I Do This on a Regular Basis? I Look COOL!

We were having a little fun in the bath last night and I couldn't resist giving Jacob a mohawk....

New House Pictures!

Here are some new pictures of the house! While the wood for the floor was acclimating to the temperature in the house, John was working on electrical things. He and Bob will be working long hours the next few days to get the flooring done, starting today. The plumber comes Monday so the floor has to be done by then (woo hoo!). John worked on putting the stone around the fire place last night, so I hope to get some pictures here soon! We are also picking out blinds tomorrow, well, I am, so I will be able to give you an update about that soon too! Yippee...we are really getting there!

So while the flooring was getting to temperature, John took this....

and turned it into this......

and this.....

He also got all the "knobs" installed on all of the cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room.

Now that the ceiling has been lacquered, he was able to get the can lights (and bulbs) all in and set up! He painted the rings of the can lights, because we couldn't find what we wanted, and I think it looks nice!

Here are our final choices on fans/lights etc. This will be the fan in the Master Bedroom and the living room. I believe it's 54" (I can't remember!)

These are the wall sconces we will be using in the living room by the highest window; one on each side. They have been changed twice, but John really digs this one and it really matches everything well. I must say I like it too!

This will be the fan/light in the boys' rooms.

This is the lighting that will be in the bathrooms; above the mirrors. (The mirrors haven't changed!!!-it will still be the picture frame one for the boys' bathroom and the "hanging from the rod" ones for the Master Bathroom)

This is the boys' shower and tub. We decided to go with just a shower curtain since that will make bathing Jacob a TON easier than fighting with a shower door!

The boys' bathroom has a toilet! Yippee! No more porta-potty outside our house!!!

The sink in the boys' bathroom.

This is the front of the fireplace. I will be at the house tomorrow meeting with the "blind" people (3-Day Blinds) so I will get a picture of the finished fireplace then, and some flooring pictures! Woo hoo!

These are the stone tiles that will be used for the front of the fireplace. Very earthy and beautiful!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Santa Did GREAT!

Santa brought an Elmo walker for Jacob this Christmas...he LOVES it!!!

I'm not sure who's having more fun....

Justin was "helping" Jacob figure out how to use his light up music tool bench...I wonder who's having more fun???

Let the Good Times Roll!!!

I wanted to get some pictures of Jacob playing with some of the many toys he got for Christmas! I've been introducing them slowly so he can "get to know" them!

Jacob playing with an Elmo he got from Gram Gram and Granddad! I think he likes it!

Here he is playing with a laptop he got from Grandpa Jim!

He sure is enjoying all of his goodies! Thank you all!