Monday, September 28, 2009

Catching Up.....

It's been ages since I've blogged! It's, of course, going from newest to oldest, but here are some pictures! It is locking up everytime I try to type; so I am not putting much!

This is the wedding of John's cousin Erica to Christian at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. It was so amazing!

Lookin' Good!

Justin and Jacob with their cousins Katie and Sarah.

Erica looked beautiful!

They even had animals and trainers come and show us animals!

Great party favors.....I wore mine all night!!

Their delicious and beautiful cake.

Party Animal!

The setting was absolutely gorgeous!

The boxes had our names and table numbers on it, and then inside was what we had ordered to eat. We just had to pull them out and stick them on the table! They also had little bottles of olive oil with recipes attached. Very cool!

The Kings...

Here are some pics of Jake in the park at the Marina.

Having fun on the boat while the guys do the auto pilot and hook up the new GPS!

The pre-wedding BBQ the night before at John's uncle Glenn and aunt Melissa's house.

Erica and Christian the bride and groom.

I think I have too many pics on this one post...I can't get anything typed and all the pic tures are so far apart....I will just post it and fix it as I's been almost an hour already!