Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Beginning of November....

Jacob had a lot of fun with his Dum Dum pop here...they are just his size!

John and I went to the River Ranch for our 3rd Wedding anniversary. Due to the world series and a slow week, they ended up letting some employees go home, and you know what that gets busy! We sat in the lounge and had a drink while waiting for our table. It was a lot of fun getting cozy on the couch!

For dinner we shared the Ahi Tuna appetizer and it was as delicious as I remember. John had the Peppercorn Steak, and while I thought I was going to have the Filet Mignon I found myself ordering the Rack of Lamb and boy am I glad I was AMAZING! It was totally delicious!

Since it was our anniversary they brought us a complimentary glass of champagne and it was quite delicious! We had originally planned on bringing a bottle of the champagne we served at our wedding, but decided at the last minute to keep it corked at home!
For dessert I had a berry crisp and John had a chocolate cake and both were incredible! We also shared a glass of port which was delicious too! All in all it was a great evening...the service was impeccible and the ambiance was romantic. A wonderful way to spend our anniversary!

Here is some video of Jacob enjoying his his high chair we give him cups without sippy lids (these are just like the ones Auntie Debbie and Uncle Ronnie used to have, but they are pastel Tupperware!) and he's started making noises while eating/drinking etc. It's too funny!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Having Fun Making Brownies....

Justin has had minimum day all week due to parent/teacher conferences. I worked all week, but had today off, so we decided to make the afternoon fun by making brownies! Jacob watched while Justin used the hand mixer to mix the brownies and thought it was cool! Afterwards, I promised Justin he could "lick the bowl" if he'd share the beaters with Jacob! Here he is with his first chocolate covered beaters!!

Success! Yummy!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 10th thru 18th...

It has definately been a while since we've posted! I've had to learn how to shrink the pictures, now that we have a new camera, and it's MUCH quicker....geez!

These next pictures are from the game Justin had in North Valleys on the 10th. We won 38 to 0...

After the game we ran a few errands in Reno. One was to Cabella's so John could get a new pair of work boots. They have a cart outside that sells kettle corn, among other things. He makes it fresh right there. Well, for once we tried the free sample....oh boy was it good! We had to buy a bag on our way out. Here is a shot of Jacob and Justin enjoying it!!

Yesterdays game against the Reed Raiders was a different story! We lost, 21-0, but they are an undefeated team and it shows....they were really good. They had a big time passing game and did great. Justin had quite a few great tackles. It was excited! It was also cold and foggy, so we didn't get too many pictures as our hands were in our pockets!!! They lost the game, but we still made the playoffs! We play on Halloween!!! Then Justin will go trick-or-treating with his friend Tyson. They had a blast last year!

This is Jacob's friend Jake. I tried to get a better shot....

Today we ran errands while Justin had a visit in Reno. We went to Chili's for lunch, and ordered Jake the Mac and Cheese off the kids menu....when did my child become old enough to eat off the child's menu???? Holy Schmoly! He literally ate EVERYTHING except for one bite. One bite! I think we may have a lefty in our household too........


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jacob's 18-Month Appointment

Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know that Jake's appointment went great! The doctor is not concerned that he isn't talking very much; he communicates and understands just fine, and we had a routine autism test and he passed with flying colors. He is getting more "vocal" though; and we've gotten to the point where we have to spell certain words so he doesn't understand what we are talking about! Ha ha!

He is now 23 lbs and 10 oz., 32 3/4" tall and his melon is still livin' large at 20 5/16"! Sheesh! I want to try and crochet him a hat for this winter, but have no clue on the sizing!

Hope all is well with you!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Catching Up.....

It's been ages since I've blogged! It's, of course, going from newest to oldest, but here are some pictures! It is locking up everytime I try to type; so I am not putting much!

This is the wedding of John's cousin Erica to Christian at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. It was so amazing!

Lookin' Good!

Justin and Jacob with their cousins Katie and Sarah.

Erica looked beautiful!

They even had animals and trainers come and show us animals!

Great party favors.....I wore mine all night!!

Their delicious and beautiful cake.

Party Animal!

The setting was absolutely gorgeous!

The boxes had our names and table numbers on it, and then inside was what we had ordered to eat. We just had to pull them out and stick them on the table! They also had little bottles of olive oil with recipes attached. Very cool!

The Kings...

Here are some pics of Jake in the park at the Marina.

Having fun on the boat while the guys do the auto pilot and hook up the new GPS!

The pre-wedding BBQ the night before at John's uncle Glenn and aunt Melissa's house.

Erica and Christian the bride and groom.

I think I have too many pics on this one post...I can't get anything typed and all the pic tures are so far apart....I will just post it and fix it as I's been almost an hour already!