Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baking Marathon!

Mom and I spent most of yesterday baking, and it was a blast! We are planning on making baskets for a few of our neighbors. We made chocolate chip, oatmeal, ginger snap, peanut blossoms, sugar cookie sandwiches and some gingerbread! I hope we have some left for us to eat! Yumm!

Winter Wonders (Odes to Joy)

Justin's annual school program was on the 18th. It was a lot of fun! Justin is in the back row, right in the middle where the kids "part". He is wearing a red polo shirt. The entire 3rd grade sang "The Christmas Waltz", "Heri za Kwanzaa", "Candles, Candles", and "Yellow Snow".

Building of a Gingerbread House

Gram-Gram, Justin and I had fun putting together a gingerbread house! I think we all decided next year we are making our own frosting so we can get it to "glue" the way we want it to! But I think it turned out great and it was wonderful to have the time together!