Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jacob's 6 Month Check-Up

Jacob did really well at his check up yesterday! He had to have 4 shots (they added the flu shot to his normal 3 vaccinations) and an oral vaccination. He (and Mom) survived! Justin ended up getting the FluMist vaccine while we were there. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Jacob is now 27” long, weighs 16 pounds and 2 ounces and his melon is 18”!! She, Dr. Brown, was a bit concerned (as the doctors have been) that his head is getting so large! She said they’ll monitor it and if it keeps growing at this weight they do a brain ultrasound to make sure all is well up there. But then John mentioned that it’s a family thing….Dr. Brown looked at both Justin and John’s head and pretty much chalked it up to a family trait! But they’ll keep looking at it!!

So Jacob has grown 1 ¾ inches, gained 3 pounds and 2 ounces and his melon grew an inch since August 8th!! His next appointment is January 8th.

Jacob had his worst night yet last night! While at the MD his fever had gone down to 99.6 and he was pretty much his normal self yesterday; laughing and smiling and talking. Last night he went down ok, he was a bit fussy, but between the shots and teething we weren’t surprised. He woke up about 11 and was just screaming. His mouth hurt so bad; he couldn’t even nurse or take a bottle. John tried rubbing his back and head and finally he was falling asleep (and so was John…lucky him!) and so we put him in bed with us. He slept for about and hour and woke up; so I tried soothing him and feeding him. Around 2 we were able to give him his last dose of Tylenol for this 24-hour period (He can have more after 8:15). This went on every hour until around 4 when I decided to put him down in his own bed. He slept there until about 7:30. He was waking up before, but I overslept until a bit after 7 so I was just barely able to get ready myself. With the way he was feeling last night, with the mouth pain, I half expected to wake up this morning and find a tooth! Dr. Brown did comment, after looking at and feeling his gums, that he is THISCLOSE to a tooth coming in. So we should be seeing one soon! I just hope he starts feeling better. I hate seeing him this way and not being able to do much about it! I’ll keep trying things though! Eventually something is bound to make him feel better; it has so far!

Does every Doctor's office have a fish tank? I remember my doctor, Dr. Verby and my Dentist, Dr. Tennyson both had fish tanks!

This is a sign from the doctors office. I've always loved it. Very clever if you ask me!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jacob's 6 month Pictures

Jacob's 6 months portraits, that we had taken at Sears, are finally on line!!!

Racing Season is Finished....

The racing season is over and unfortunately Justin did not win the championship...but he sure could have! It was a crazy day at the club; we have been having issues with them (along with others who have as well) where the club follows the rules one race and the next they don't, etc. For about 3 races in a row now there have been "rule issues" where the other kart in Justin's class has parts missing, etc. and it is in the rule book that they HAVE to have these things on and in working order, but they don't and nothing is done about it except for getting an "I'm sorry I didn't do anything about it" from the "high ups" at the track. The last race of the day yesterday, where winner takes all, was just a flub of the rules. First Garrett, who is standing on the #2 spot (who by the way has not raced in this class once ALL YEAR), spun out in turn 3 and had to get out of his kart. Once you are out of your kart, the rules state you are finished. You finish the lap (if you can get your kart started) and then you get off the track and you do not finish the race. You can do whatever you can to get yourself back on the track and your kart started, as long as you DON'T get out of your seat. Well, Garrett got out of his kart, pushed it back on the track, and they didn't flag him to tell him to get off the track; they let him keep going. While he was trying to get back on the track both Trevor (in the number one spot) and Justin lapped him, so keep in mind they were both one lap ahead of Garrett. A few laps later, Justin, who was RIGHT on Trevor's back bumper, touched Trevor's back tire and Justin's front bumper flew off, just like at the IKF race. So according to the rules Justin should have gotten the "meatball" flag and when he got to the end of the track he needed to get off. His race was over. (Just like they did at the IKF race). When anything falls off your kart, no matter what the reason, you have to get off for safety sake. So theoretically, both Garrett and Justin should have been finished. Justin backed off Trevor and slowed down, expecting to get the "meatball" flag. He didn't get it, so he kept racing (there were just a few laps left). So then at the awards ceremony, he is given a 3rd place trophy, when he should be 2nd, because regardless of the flags, etc., he and Trevor were still 1 lap ahead of Garrett, so he should have placed second. It's just a big mess there. No matter how many people go to the meetings and talk about this etc. it keeps happening, in many classes; not just the kids' classes. I told John I'm seriously re0thinking us signing up next year. We are spending all this money to race in a fair environment where rules are followed and we keep getting screwed. We believe, as many others who came up to us afterwards, that if Justin's bumper didn't fall off he had a HUGE chance of winning. He caught up with Trevor, when they had a large distance between them, so he had a real chance of winning the championship. So we'll see what happens at the meeting next weekend, but Justin came in second in the championship and we are proud!!!!!!!!