Saturday, October 4, 2008

Floor Time!!!

Smile!! You're on Candid Camera! Jacob has really taken to "squealing" a lot for talking! It's a lot of fun! Usually we play on the floor a bit while he sits against my lap. Then he ends up rolling around on the floor and I lay next to him and we "talk". I tried to get some of that today!!!

Starting the Fence!

John and Bob busted some booty to get the fence up this week! Actually, once they got the materials it went up in a day. The neighbors there on the right (that is part of their house there on the right) were out of town so that was our opportunity. They are the neighbors that have started all the ill will etc. They would have a cow if we stepped on their property in front of them (although I don't see how you can put up a fence without doing so) so when we found out they were out of town, the guys put it up. We also noticed they now had a "spy cam" under the eve, by their front door, pointing down at the house. I think I will post pictures for you afterwards, so you can see what I mean. Anyway....we have fence!!!

This is a shot from the back of the house, looking into the backyard.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jump, Jump, Jump!!!

After watching Mackenize having a blast with her Johnny Jump Up on Erin's blog, I got Jacob one last Friday. I swear I thought they didn't make them anymore or I would have gotten one sooner! Anyway, we have pine framing all of our doorways and the pine is too tall for the Johnny Jump Up to clamp onto. John is trying to think of a way to "Macgyver" it but we'll see. Luckily they had one at the second hand baby store here, which is a different version, but Jacob sure loves it!!!!

More Choices Made....

This picture was taken this morning at Home Depot (man it's bright when you are in the lamp department!) and this is a picture of the light for the dining room.

These are for the bathroom.

This will be the lights for outside on the side of the garage doors!

Linda and I ended up at different Home Depots today and did most of this on the phone, but I think I found the fans for the boys' room, and maybe the living room, but I didn't see many choices for what we are looking for (color wise) for the living room. So we'll have to see. When we get them I will post pictures!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life Gets More Colorful...

Today I decided to see how Jacob would take to Sweet Potatoes! He LOVED it! I had him finish off his applesauce first, and I still got two funny faces with the two first bites before he settled into it. (I think it was because it was from the fridge and the sweet potatoes were from the pantry). Then when he finished I gave him the "brighter" food, and he inhaled it! Here are some pictures...boy I can't wait until we get to the "green" food...tee hee!

Picking things for the new house...

These are some house choices that we made today! Tomorrow we are going to Reno to get some more things, like the dining room light, bathroom fixtures, etc. John is at the point of construction where we need to pick these things out for wiring purposes, spacing purposes, etc! It's FUN!!!

This is a wall sconce. We are going to have one on each side of the large, tall window in our living room area. Should be pretty! It reminds me of some gorgeous hurricane candle holders Mom has!!!

The square on the left is the flooring we like. (We are going to have hardwood throughout the house). The smaller square on the right is the granite for the kitchen.

This is the "socket" for light switches! Hee!

These are the shells for the can lights in the kitchen area.

This is the mirror we are going to use in the Master Bathroom. We have two sinks so each will have one. I thought they were different and neat!

This mirror will be in the boys bathroom. They have one sink; so there will be one. It reminds me of the mirrors we have in our Master Bath now. They have "beading" on the wood, and the base of the wall sconces do as well, as does the towel bars we have chosen and the mirrors for the Master Bath look like they hang from "beaded" chains. So it should all tie in nicely!

And finally this is the style of towel bars we will be using. There is a little beading at the top, on both sides of what looks like the "bell" from this angle!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Justin Hoekman WINS the IKF in Reno, NV....

Here are some pictures of Justin racing at the track! It was a crazy day for him. First he ran quite well in practice. Then Dad apparently "tweaked" something and he didn't do so well the next time out. Then Dad tried something different, and he was slow again, qualifying 4th out of 5. (Now in Dad's defense, this is only the 2nd time Justin has been out with this new motor, and with having the new motor they aren't sure how to adjust it when things aren't running well. Dad is doing GREAT!)

Here they are coming around the "S" turn. There are 4 karts out there at this time, Justin was 4th out of 5th.

Justin's not-so-great luck continued into the first heat, when he and 2 others "tussled" in turns 1 and 2 and his nose cone came off (his front bumper). That is an automatic DQ and he has to leave the track. Luckily the first heat doesn't count. It's the MAIN heat that is a "Winner Takes All".

Jacob is actually at the fence line here, while we are watching Justin lose his nose cone. It was his little nap (the only nap) he got yesterday, but he sure had a good time! He loves to watch the karts go around in front of him. I think it's the combination of the noise, color, and speed!

After his nap Jacob decided to "eat his dashboard", so I padded it the best I could for him!

This is the winning race. Justin started last due to being DQ'd from the first race due to his nose cone coming off. (Dad even drilled holes in it this time and zip tied it so it wouldn't come off! LOL). He started 5th, ended up passing his way up to 3rd pretty quick. The top two racers, Luis and Trevor ended up "getting into it" in turns 1 and 2 and spun each other out. Justin was right behind them and just squeezed on through the middle of them both! Trevor and Alexander got themselves straightened out and back on track, and put up a good fight, but Justin never let go of his lead! In fact, he had some time to slow down and chill, but of course he didn't take it! He raced and raced till the end! Trevor and Alexander ended up getting into it again, spraying rock all over the track, so Justin did slow down for that....LOL

Here is the winner, rolling into the scales after his win! This was a nail biting moment for Dad. Did he gauge the gas good enough???? The class has to come in at a minimum weight of 235 (driver and kart) and of course you don't want to go much over; the lighter the better. Justin came in at 236!!!

Here he is, with the 2nd and 3rd place winners, getting his trophy.

Here is Justin and his award winning Pit Crew!!!

Portrait Time Again!!!

Here are a couple of pictures that were taken of Jacob yesterday at Sears. Apparently they aren't up on the web yet, but once they are I will put the link up so you can see all the pictures that were taken. I had so much fun (and I think Jacob did too!!)