Friday, October 24, 2008

Sheet Rock Excitement!

Today the sheet rock has started! This is so exciting! One that is done and it's textured, we can paint inside and put in the floor and then the cabinets and then...WOO! We are getting so close! John says once the garage is set up with shelving he can start bringing boxes of stuff when he goes to work each day, and just put it on the shelving. I am trying to get things cleaned out etc. so we can start packing and get that going! Yippee!!!

This is Jacob's room!

This is the living room/kitchen/dining room!!!

More of the kitchen in this view! The window is where the sink will be, and the left window is sliding glass doors. Our kitchen table (when we get one!) will be over there in that corner of the room!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We have Insulation!

Here are some pictures of the house with insulation! Yippee! It was funny going in the house today; it felt like I needed to pop my ears! No more echo! The sheet rock (and supplies) have been delivered this morning and will be worked on tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today the insulation started! John said it's a dusty, dirty, itchy mess, and didn't want Jacob, Justin or I to come down during the process, so he was my photographer this morning! They are hoping to be finished today. Tomorrow the sheet rock will arrive and Friday it will be put in! Yippee!!! I believe once this is done, we can paint and then the cabinets can be installed! But I may be jumping the gun....hee hee!