Thursday, January 22, 2009

New House Pictures!

Here is the deck! It's finished, and John will work on the hand rail thingies soon! Hee!

The fireplace...

Kitchen sink. That "faucet" on the right is one of those instant hot water things. My friend Dyan always had one when we were growing up. I LOVE it! It's great for tea and I can mix it with cold water and have an instant warm bottle for Jacob!

The sink in the island.

Second shower head in the Master Shower.

The on/off thingie in the Master Shower (for the main shower head) and the key pad for the Mr. Steam.

The main shower head. It's one of those "rain" typed where it's pretty high!

The vanity in the Master Bath.

Sink in the boys' bathroom.

This video is too's sideways as you can tell and I can't get it any other way! It's our fridge and it actually shows you how many ounces you are dispensing. It was a 20oz. container and John wanted to see it do 20...and it did! You can see the numbers going up on the left...I think it's at 12!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Exploration Time!

Hmmmm...What is this???'s cold and wet....Oh, it's the cat water fountain! You can see a little bit of our black cat, Shyla, on the side there at the bottom wondering what Jacob is doing.....

Jacob has discovered that crawling just isn't some chore that gets him to a toy across the floor. He's realized it can get him ANYWHERE and now he's off! All of the sudden he just started taking off across the floor down the hallway! (A little scary with the stairs) so the days of having him sit on the floor and play with toys while I unload the dishwasher are just a fond memory! He's a quick little devil! This video doesn't show how fast he is...but he's having fun exploring!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Balloon Fun!

Jacob was playing with balloons for the first time, here with Bob, and was having a blast! At first he wasn't so sure, but they were popular with all the kids!

2008 NNKC Awards Banquet

This year the awards banquet was held at the Rec Center in Sparks. It wasn't as "plush" as the hotel they usually had it in, but the club saved quite a bit of money (which is great!) and we all still had a very nice time! They had the meal catered by a BBQ company (they bring their big smokers etc. and they are outside-like big traileres) and they served tri tip with au jus and horseradish, salad, veggie platter, rice, steamed veggies and chicken thighs, breasts, wings and drumsticks. Very yummy!

Here is what the tables looked like. The chairs reminded John and I of being in school in the 80's and it was like being in the school gym. It was fun!

The cake was 2 layered, one chocolate and one vanilla with strawberries and whipped cream in the middle...Mmm!
Here is Justin with his 2nd place trophy and Trevor with his 1st. Trevor thanked Justin for making it such an exciting racing season. Justin only lost by 1 point...yes ONE! Sure made for some pretty exciting races!

Justin's trophy...they were the best trophies ever this year, in my opinion. Very nice, heavy and beautiful, not cheesy!

Jacob having a bit of frosting...

Justin with his Junior Rookie of the Year Award!

Isn't it beautiful?

Grandpa winning 3rd place in his class! The MC was joking about how he was the "rookie" of the class (it's his first year racing) but he wasn't a kid! The man on the left is Rich Adams, who took first place (his first year as well) and he's one of Justin's dentists!

Bob with his trophy.

Now introducting.....Junior Rookie of the Year!

Last night at the NNKC Awards Banquet Justin won a special award for Junior Rookie of the Year. He was so excited; as we were as well! It was such a surprise and just shows how much he's improved! His first year in this particular kart (with a totally different type of motor) and not only did he have to figure out how to drive it well, Dad had to figure out how to fix and "tweak" it when needed! And he managed to miss out on the championship by only ONE point! You go Jus!!!!