Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun with football and popsicles!!!

Jacob tripped over his "Mr. Frog" blanket and got a bit of a fat lip! So popsicles were on the menu...he really wanted to try and eat it was quite cute!

Now what do I do with it??

Today the Truckee Renegades played the Hawthorne Serpents in Yerington, NV. It was a 2 hour drive each way, oy!, but it was a fun day! Final Score...Renegades 13 and Serpents 6. It was 13-0 up until the last 2 seconds. We didn't make the extra point, so the Serpents took the seems that our team thought they were pretty much done with the game, and won, so they didn't do their best their and the Serpents took the ball all the way to the other end for a touchdown! They didn't get the extra point though...ha ha!

Justin was Team Captain and played EVERY play of the game. He got to keep his teammates pumped up out there!
This is where we played. Hawthorne High School.

Jacob was having a blast pushing his stroller around the track!

7-0 at this point!