Saturday, August 29, 2009

Justin's First Football Game!!!!!

Today was Justin's first football game. The Truckee Renegades were playing the Reno Huskies at Riverview Park, here in our neck of the woods.

A great game was played by all. Justin....WOW...that kid has some talent, and I'm not just saying that 'cuz I'm his mom. He got the first big tackle (and many more), wow! He recovered a fumbled ball...he blocked so the team could get a touchdown....he was a TEAM player. The WHOLE team worked so well seems like they have done this together for years. It was amazing to watch!!! The game was so exciting!!!

Final Score....Truckee Renegades 20 (yes 20!) and Reno Huskies 0.... (I feel bad about that part)

This was the first game played with a scoreboard, duh, so I had to try and take a picture!

Here are the cheerleaders getting ready for the game! Yes...they have cheerleaders! So fun!

Pre Game Prep...Coaches getting ready!

Wow!!! Ref's!!! This IS a real game :-)

Justin's biggest fan...Jacob hanging with Gram-Gram :-) Gram-Gram and Granddad came up to see Jus' first game!

Jacob met a new friend....Jake! Jake shared his cars with Jacob and they had a great time!

Getting ready for a big play...

Here are the Renegades taking the field!

This is part of the halftime show, where they run through the banner!