Friday, May 29, 2009

The Past Few Weeks.....

It has been so long since I've posted...but of course I've been taking pictures and thinking of what I would say when I post...but it feels like these past few weeks have gotten away from me! I've gone back to work about 24-32 hours a week, helping Longs turn into CVS/Pharmacy. My boss has been really cool letting me work around home projects (like the fence and kids) so it's been working out well. But I have been running behind on a few things. So I have a seriously long list of pictures here.....

We finally got a dining room table! We've been using a 4 person folding card table since we moved. We've been checking sales, auctions and Craigs List, but haven't had any luck. We found one on CL but they never contacted us back....Nancy found a listing in our local paper this morning during her break at work so we called them, John went and looked at it, got them to lower the price by $40 and now for the bargain price of $260 we have an oak table with 6 armed chairs and 2 leaves. One chair is pretty scratched up (in the seat) and there are some scratches on the top, but it looks GREAT. We will likely have a table cloth or place mats on it anyway. We SCORED!

We have geese (not to mention other ducks, birds and white pelicans) out on the pond and in the meadow behind our house. The geese have babies now and so we have been walking around the pond a few nights a week feeding the geese. Justin was even able to pet them! They were eating bread of his shoes and from his hands!


The big ones were hissing, saying "Give me bread NOW!".



My boys chillin'.
Jacob should be walking anytime least it sure seems like it! All he wants to do is this...walk holding your hands. He will have a serious fit if you are busy and can't walk with him that instant! Luckily he has a great big brother to cruise with!

Hey Mom! I'm on the deck!

Chilling on the weekend with a Ba Ba.

Look...I am going to open the gate! We've put a clip on the "clasp" so that you can't open it without taking the clip off. That way Jacob can't accidentally get it open and take a tumble down the stairs.

You can see the fence posts in the back...the beginning of our fence!

It's going to be an "open" fence, with wide square wire in the middle. It will keep animals out and kids in, but you can see through it and it won't really look like we have a fence!

Justin was in desperate need of a hair cut. He finally let me cut the hair over his ears a few weeks ago, and trim a bit off the back, but that was it. The poor guy was drowning in hair! John finally just gave Jus a buzz. He always asks for one when we go to have Sonja cut our hair!


On the floor....Look at all that! There was the same amount, or more, on the floor!

Speaking of wild hair......

Daddy had to take some pictures of Jacob "rockin'" the bed head!!!

Looks like someone had a balloon rubbed on their head.....

Oh my....

John's birthday was on May 19. He wanted to grill steaks and have dinner at home. It was a nice evening!

Mom and David got John some great snacks (cheeses, chocolates and crackers) along with this wonderful bottle of Twomey Syrah (with matching glasses!) It was delicious and we opened it on his birthday!

The Helmet is returned, complete, from Impact Racing....

Justin's helmet is finished!!! After John finished painting the shell he sent it out to Impact Racing, where they finish it off with the foam, vents and visor. It just arrived back looks SO cool!!!