Monday, August 10, 2009


Here are some pictures of the crystals we found! They aren't the best pictures but....

The Yard has Started....

John and I spent Monday of last week travelling around to different nurseries to look at trees! We found some that we liked and John and Bob went last week to get them. Here in the front we have a blue spruce and 3 lilac bushes.

Here is a shot from the front door.

The back has a green spruce!
John also seeded for lawn this past Saturday. He has been working really hard to get the sprinklers on a good schedule for the seed to help it grow. John has been spending a lot of time and energy making our backyard come together!

Sprinklers are on and working just peachy!

Football and Birthday!

We had a busy week last week! Football practice was changed to Mon-Thurs from 5-7:30! It worked out well for my birthday on Friday, we got to have a nice evening at home!!!

Justin is really enjoying football practice. His game number is #58, but they use practice jerseys for games and he's number 95; it's a white jersey. You can see he's pretty much the tallest one here...his back is to us; he's between number 15 and 99.

Jacob enjoys his time on the baseball diamond and the grass!

When I got home from work on Friday I found this awesome banner the boys hung! They also baked me a cake and Justin made me a gorgeous card!!!
John barbequed a HUGE ribeye for me and we had baked potates and veggies....

I didn't get a picture of the food, but here is the cake and a special bottle of VJB John had for our dinner!

Thank you everyone for all your calls and cards and birthday wishes! It truly was a wonderful evening!

Here is some video from Jus' practice.

Dan's Annual Taco Feed

On Saturday the 8th my birthday fun continued! Our friend Dan has his annual Taco Feed every July. The Ghost Riders (who literally travel by stage coach and dress in period gear) come through and Dan lets them camp on his (and Sabra's) property. They have the Taco Feed each year which is always a blast! They make tacos (complete w/cactus and everything!) and everyone brings a side dish.

Justin got to pet his first horse with Grandpa Bob!

I got to experience Jacob's first pinata....I was a little apprehensive...I can see what he can do WITHOUT a giving him one.....he had a lot of fun!!!!

I love this picture....Jacob sure had fun testing his walking skills over all the different terrain!

The pinata finally let loose and you can see Justin, and the other kids, going for the goods!

Jacob had more fun playing with the pinata after it was finished!

Every year they have this band as well and they are great!

Yee Haw!!!!

We all had a really great time!

They had so much wonderful food I thought Jacob would just devour (John even made his famous guac) but all he wanted was the lime tortilla chips!

Jacob had his first lollipop...courtesy of the pinata!

John got this video clip while I was with Jacob by the pinata!

Crystal Peak

As part of my birthday weekend we took Spidey up to Crystal Peak. It used to be a crystal mine, and now people go up there and you bring shovels and picks and you can dig for crystals! We had a ton of fun!

Jacob likes it in Spidey!
Here we are on the road!

The scenery is so gorgeous...the weather was absolutely perfect!

First we drove up to Boca.

This is where we stopped and had our Subway sandwiches!

Jacob enjoys the bumpiest parts!!! He is going to be a ringer for Disneyland! Yippee!!!

The sign says that you are allowed to fill 1 5-gallon bucket, per vehicle, each week. I guess, since a lot of the rock is white, people were taking it for landscaping purposes. They would literally fill up a pickup truck bed over and over again!

John is up by some Quartz rocks.
Some were such a pretty color of green and blue!

You really realize how far off the ground you are when you see Jacob next to the big ol' tires!

This is the kind of stuff you sift through to find the crystals!

The boys on the hunt!!!

Neat stuff, truly!
Jacob and I had his picnic lunch while John and Justin went further down the side to see what they could find!
It's a beautiful view!
Here we are on our way back down!

Jacob conked out on the way home! I think all the rocking and bumping put him to sleep!

Here is some video of the drive!

Here are the boys on the way up having fun!