Thursday, April 2, 2009

Justin's 9th Birthday!

Tuesday, March 31st was Justin's 9th birthday! He was begging to open a present before school, so of course we let him! He opened his gift from Aunt Carla, Uncle Vince, Katie and Sarah and found a great brown shirt and this cool outfit; a blue shirt and blue board shorts/swim trunks. Justin immediately changed his clothes so he could wear it to school!

Lookin' good!

Here are some pictures of Justin opening some of his goodies!

Jacob decided the best part was the balloon and he wanted it!

Justin opening an Aviator book package from Grandma Linda and Grandpa Bob.

His cool color changing shirt from Great Auntie Vaden and Great Uncle Arlen!
There were more pictures but they came out blurry! We had Grandpa Bob over for dinner and we had a meal completely picked out by Jus: Tri-Tip, Popcorn Shrimp, Salsa salad and home made potato chips! Mmmm!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jacob's First Birthday, Part II

We had Jacob open some presents today as well; trying to keep him from getting overly stimulated! Today he opened a funny noise making hammer (from Great Auntie Debbie and Great Uncle Ronnie) and a telephone (from Aunt Carla, Uncle Vince and cousins Katie and Sarah) and I tried to get some video of him playing with both! John and I looked at both of these things ourselves for Jake! He loves them!

Jacob's First Birthday!

Here are some pictures I took yesterday for Jacob's First Birthday! His party will be this Sunday, so I will take more pictures then! These are some pictures at home, of his trying new things and playing with some new presents! We are opening the rest today!

John made scrambled eggs so Jacob could try them for the first time!

Playing with the Jack-in-the-Box that Grandma Linda got for him.

John and I got this PlaySkool toy for him! He has their train that has the plastic balls, and this is another of their toys that has the same balls. It also has air, so the balls go in circles in the center there, and the plastic crocodile, tree and toys do things with the air! The crocodile's mouth opens and closes, there is a spot where a ball can "float"...I think we did good!


We bought Jacob a single piece of white cake with white frosting at the grocery store bakery. At his party this weekend he'll have chocolate for the first time...but we wanted to give him some on his actual birthday! Once he figured out how to eat it, he dug it!


It was getting late, past his bed time (it was after 8!!) and Jacob was covered heat to toe with cake! John jumped in the shower with him so we could "hose him off" before bed!

Here is Jacob, Grandma Linda and Jack in the Box!

Here are some videos of Jacob playing with his new "air" toy!