Saturday, April 18, 2009

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

While Justin was on vacation we decided to surprise him by taking him to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (formerly Six Flags Marine World). We were lucky enough to have our friends Kristy, her husband Rod, and their two kids Maggie and Zack meet us there! We had such a blast! The boys got to ride rides, us girls (and wee ones) saw shows...then we all rode rides....we all saw was a beautiful day and we had tons of fun!

Maggie, Zack and Rod.

I'm not sure if I took this picture or if John took it of Justin and I going on this ride, Vertical Velocity. We were in the second row! Boy it was scary...and THRILLING!

This is Medusa. It was Justin's favorite. He and John rode it twice; once with Rod!

John and Justin were in the third row; this was their last ride of the day.

The gang after a full day of fun! Jacob never napped; but he was a trooper and he was relaxing in the stroller, snuggled in my sweatshirt, so I didn't pull him out for the picture!

Justin and John on the front row of Vertical Velocity. Jacob didn't like us being "sandwiched" between this ride and Roar; I think it was a little scary for him! He kept trying to climb up me and over me and off me! I swear he was literally thinking of wether or not he could run away!!!

Fun with Taco Tuesday!!!

We have stole my friend Katie's weekly dinner of "Taco/Tostada Tuesdays". It's a lot of fun and John makes he and Justin some fried tortillas. This one got all puffed up and Justin decided to treat it like a pita and just fill it up! He had a blast and said it was fun and delicious!

Let the stuffing begin!!!

We set up a taco station on our breakfast bar!



Easter at Gram-Gram's!

We all had a wonderful time spending Easter at Gram-Gram and Granddad's! Justin had a go-kart race (the first of the season) on the Saturday before Easter (we are all still scratching our heads at why they had a race on a holiday weekend......oh well!) so Jacob and I went up and spent the day before the boys came down later that evening. Mom, David, Jacob and I had a wonderful time!

These are the Limcello Spritzers Mom made....they were so delicious and refreshing! I wish I was having one out on the deck right now! Mmmm!

Riley and Poopie checking us out....

Getting ready to dye the eggs!!! (We saved some for Dad and Justin to do too!)

Jacob having fun with Auntie Theresa!

Jacob was having fun finding eggs in the morning. At home he likes to toss his play balls around and then go chase them...he was trying that with the was hilarious!

As soon as I would put them in his basket, he would take them out and toss them on the floor!

Justin looking for goodies!!!

Jacob and Granddad having fun going up the stairs....this trip was Jake's first time with stairs and he did well....going up.....Ha!

Here are the beautiful corned beefs Mom and David got for the occasion. They were delicious!

The fun place "cards"!!! So clever!

Mom's beautiful table...the tulips were incredible! They are real!

Jacob and Auntie Theresa!

Dinner time is always fun family time! We all had great conversations and delicious food and dessert! And of course wonderful wine!

A delicious dessert Mom made with sherbert and raspberry champagne...oh my it was delicious! I don't have a picture of the chocolate brownie dessert...but it was a killer! MMMM!!!