Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Day in the Sun....

Yesterday was a gorgeous day; the first in quite a while without cloud cover or heavy wind! While John was out working on the sprinklers the boys played in their water world!

Jacob still doesn't go into the water, unless it's right at the beginning, or end, when the water isn't spraying high and isn't too deep. It's cold when it comes straight out of the hose! But boy did they have fun!
Hey Bro!

He gets in!!! After the hose was turned off!

Brothers having fun!!!

Playtime with Jacob

I took some pictures of Jacob while he was playing with various things. It's fun to see what faces this kid makes sometimes!

This was a toy he got for his birthday; it was 18 months so we just busted it open!

I wonder what he is thinking here???? Did he just push it off the table???

He loves being outside!!!

Starting the sprinklers!

John has been working in our backyard, super hard, getting our sprinkler system in! John used a.....I am sure I am going to spell this wrong.....Ditchwitch to burrow trenches in the ground for the pipes. Here they are getting it unloaded from the truck.

It's a little scary looking, but super fun to watch do it's thang!

The King of the Backyard Project!!!

After he trenched with the machine, he still had to shovel out a bunch of dirt to get everything just right. In fact, he "narrowed down" our shovel because it was too wide!

Here is John working in the front. He was more worried about doing it out here because of the gas lines!

For those of us who were kids in the 80's.....remember DigDug? Our yard looked like that!

After John got the pipes in he filled the trenches with some dirt, then water, let it soak through, then more dirt and compacted it all down. It's been a HUGE project for him, but he ROCKS, as always!

The Ditchwitch in action!