Saturday, November 1, 2008


Again the pictures are going in the opposite order of how I chose them, and it seems to be taking a long time this morning so unfortunately I don't have the time to switch them around! So again, we'll start from the end and go to the beginning! LOL

Here is Justin and his friend Tyson going through their candy. Right before John and Justin were going to leave to Trick or Treat, Tyson called to see if Justin wanted to T or T with him, since they were coming to our area. Of course Justin said yes and they had a blast! Tyson's sister was at a boy/girl party and her Dad was a bit he asked if we could watch Tyson while he brought her to the party! The boys had a ball and then Brett, Tyson's dad, came by and we chatted for a while and the boys played!

Jacob and Tyson and their loot. They had fun trading candy!

Tyson (with Justin's prop) and Justin going out to trick or treat!

Jacob, my little munckin pumpkin! This is a costume Gram Gram got him and it was so cute!! I can't wait to have him go out next year! I was worried about him going in the cold, and then a lady came up with her little son and a 10 week old little pumpkin, so I guess it's not so bad! But since we didn't take Justin, Jacob will get to go next year I bet!

Me and my crazy guys!

We Changed Our Minds....

John and I did really like the darker floor, but as John inspected the "distress" more closely, he realized some of the grooves were deep or wide and he was worried about cleaning it. With the kids we have to worry about things getting smooshed into the floor etc., so he thought this would be better. It's still dark, but a little lighter. I think it's pretty! Basically the whole house will be wood, except the boys' bedrooms, so it's a good thing he was thinking about that!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Time!

Last night we carved pumpkins! I am not sure why these pictures are in the opposite order of how I chose them, but so be it! They are going from the end to the beginning! Happy Halloween!

This is my cat......

This is Justin's....I love the mouth!

This is John's! He got the pattern for he and Justin's on line and John's pumpkin was HUGE!!!!

Here is Justin carving!

Here is John with his super large pumpkin! He was awesome and got the guts out of my pumpkin as well. I am going to roast the seeds today!!!

New House Updates

Here is John putting on the front steps and the porch today! Yippee!!!
This is what we have picked for our fireplace. It is the same we have now. John needed a certain type of tile or what not, that would be easy to install, since he is doing it! This is the type we need and we both like what we have now, so we are using this one!

This is the floor John picked out. I think it's pretty! And it's distressed a little, so it will hide our dings and bangs!

These are some pictures of the texture on the walls. They are ready for paint now. John is planning on painting Monday! Woop!

Jacob having some fun!

Jacob is really having some fun in his Bounce Bounce Baby! He's just noticed the mirror and loves it!

Yesterday I went to get Jacob up, I could hear him playing, but we had to get him up to get ready to go and take his brother to school. This is what I found when I got there....Jacob had pulled his mobile down (he ADORES it) and was having fun playing with it! Time to lower his mattress down!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I thought Gram-Gram could use a dose of laughter...

I was trying to get some video of Jacob playing in his "Bounce Bounce Baby". He was going to town having a good time so I got the camera out to get some video! Then I realized he stopped playing and was starting at Justin, who was sitting across from him, and was just laughing!!!

Somebody Loves His Daddy!

Oreo sure has bonded with John! He snuggles with him every night and waits patiently for John to brush him! They make a sweet pair!

More House Updates!!!!

I don't know why all of the sudden the pictures are coming up this way but....The picture on the left shows the back deck and John has just gone over the red trim. Below is the garage; all sheet rocked and taped.

The picture on the left is of John putting up the painted trip on the front left side of the house. The colors really look great together! Below is a picture of the trim around the windows!

This is a closer picture of the back deck with the trim. I think it looks great!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Lighting Choice...Up and Running!!

These are the lights that are on the garage. We have a two-car garage so there will be one on each side. I think they fit in nicely with the look we are going for!