Friday, May 1, 2009

Does any one remember "They're here"? LOL Jacob just loves watching NASCAR. It is so funny to see him try and grab the cars off the screen. It is all most to a point of being zombied on it. LOL He is AWESOME.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

We have Fish!!!!

Today the fish arrived....yes, you can order anything on the internet now!!! We had one casualty; the puffer was DOA. All the others are doing great!

Here they all are in their bags, getting acclimated to our tank....

Blue-Green Chromis

Naso Blonde Tang

Flame Anglefish

Auriga and Saddleback Butterfly Fish

Dorrie!!! The Blue Tang.

Nemo!!!!! The Ocellaris Clownfish.

There is also a Coral Beauty Angelfish and Bicolor Pseudochromis, but we haven't gotten pictures of those yet! Yay!!!! The tank looks great and there is tons of room for more fish!! Justin (this was all a surprise for him; the arrival of the fish) and PSYCHED when he got home from school today!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're almost there!

Jacob has really started "crusing" and he is doing great! He grabs onto furniture, side of the bed, chair etc. and has a great time walking. We've gotten to where he'll walk with us, holding only one of his hands, but he's a bit apprehensive at that. When we walk holding both of his hands he just squeals in delight. He's been walking with his train and having a blast!