Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jacob's 1 Year MD Appointment

Hi everyone!

Jacob just had his one-year appointment yesterday! He is doing just great...growing just fine! He is totally off formula and seems to really enjoy eating what we eat and loves his milk and juice!

He now weighs 21 pounds and 7 oz. ( a 2 pound and 7 ounce increase) and is 30 1/2" long (a 2 1/2 inch increase). His melon is 19 3/4"....the doctor even did it again to make sure! She thinks it may be plateauing finally, but they are going to check again at 15 months to make sure. It runs in John's family, having big old heads, but they will do further testing at 15 months, if it hasn't leveled out, to rule out other things.

It also seems that his umbilical hernia is going back in itself, so they will watch that, along with his heart murmur. Dr. Arth noted that in his chart (the first and only one until today) about 6 months ago or so; it seems like ages ago! No other doctor has mentioned it until yesterday when Dr. Brown noticed it. Again, they are just going to watch it and see how it goes.

All in all he is doing GREAT...has TONS of teeth and now I have to get better at brushing them twice a day....boy does he hate it...I have to pry his mouth open! Hopefully doing it more will make it better for him and a routine that he just tolerates!

We think by 15 months we will be needing a new car seat. He is long enough for a new one, but not quite there on weight yet. He is still at 75 percentile for height, and his weight is even, so it's all good!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jacob's First Birthday Party!

Sunday, 2 hours after Justin's sleep over birthday party ended, Jacob's began! My friend Dyan was there to help John and I get the place decorated and set up! Mom and David came early and lended a helping hand as well! It was a great party! My Mom has also posted pictures (some of which I stole and put on here!) on her blog, Diane's World. Check it out!

Jacob playing with Elizabeth and Emily; Wayne's girls. They made the cutest homemade cards for Jacob!

Having snacks with Zach, Kristy's son!

Mmmmm..crackers and cheese!

The kids playing...Jacob sure had a good time with the kids!

Zack and Maggie; Kristy's kids!

Me, Wayne and Emily.

Myself, Meera and Karen....Meera and Karen are dear friends of mine that I haven't seen in years. They both told me they couldn't make it....but they planned the whole time to come! They were in on it with my mom and surprised me big time! It was AWESOME to see them.

Jacob and Meera.
Kristy (whom I've known since Kindergarten), Zack, Jacob and I. I was so excited Kristy could come so I could meet her kids! We hadn't seen each other since her baby shower, when she was pregnant with her first child!

Cake time!!! Mmmm! This is his first taste of chocolate and he loved it!

Cake time with Gram-Gram and Granddad!

Cake with Grandma and Grandpa!

Playing with Zack.

Zack having fun!

Meera and Jacob again!

March is also the month my Mom has her birthday, so we gave her her presents at the party!

Her new Chris Issak CD....
Her new license plate frame from the boys....

Justin also opened some gifts himself!

Mom and David were staying at Boomtown with some free nights we had received so we decided to go to their steakhouse for birthday celebration dinners! It was delicious! Justin had shrimp scampi (his new favorite) with a loaded baked potato and fries. Since it was also his BD we let him have all the potatoes he wanted....

Mom had fish. She said it was delicious!

She also had the risotto and creamed spinach. She said both were delicious. She started with a "wedge" salad that looked delicious and I had the cream of mushroom soup....SO yummy!

I had the prime rib (so tasty!) with sides of roasted asparagus and blue cheese mashed potatoes. The service was excellent and the food was yummy. It was a great meal!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Justin's 9th Birthday Party!

This past weekend we had parties for both boys. How lucky are they that their birthdays are one day apart?? Hee :-) Justin had a few friends over for a sleep over on Saturday, and here are some pictures of the party! Fun was had all around!

Pictures of the decorations!

Justin went with the "Tony Hawk" skateboarding theme. The plan was we were going to take the boys to the skate boarding park, but they were having too much fun outside playing with the Nerf guns, that they opted to stay here!

Gifts!! Always fun :-) (We let Justin, of course, open all his gifts from family on his actual birthday!)
Cake! Justin wanted a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. The filling was also frosting! It was yummy!

Tyson asked if he could blow out the candles. Which of course Justin promplty replied with, "NO!"

Andrew, here in the striped white shirt, has a "ball" gun that Jus got for his birthday. It was like a sling shot, you had to pull it back and then it spews out little bouncy type tennis looking balls. The boys were having a blast. Dyan and I were just trying to stay out of the way!

Later in the evening the boys went into Justin's room to play PlayStation 2 games.

Then there were a few serious games of Twister!

This picture is so wrong...but I coudln't help taking it. Tyson is there in the back and he kept saying, "Andrew, my head is by your butt. DON'T FART". It was so hysterical we all had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard!

After Tyson lost he said it was his turn to spin and that John had to play. John and I talked later that evening and we both swear the mat has gotten smaller......

The boys went back to play video games in Justin's room and they were still in the same spots when we found them the next morning! The last time I heard any peeps out of them was around 4:30 am. Tyson said they went to sleep around 6, and poor Andrew had to be up and out the door by 8 to go skiing with his family!

Justin's alarm went off around 7. We aren't sure if he left it on from waking up for school, or if he set it so they could get Andrew up. Justin LOVES his alarm clock but John and I had to laugh when we heard it go off at 7....all the boys got up and had breakfast, then when Andrew left Tyson and Justin promplty went back to sleep for a few more hours! It was a very fun party!