Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jacob Says MAMA!!!!

On July 20th, he finally *truly* said it, and I got it on video! I was actually going for something else; Shyla was in her kitty bed and Jacob was trying to get into it with her! By the time I got the camera he was walking, but he was saying Mama so I kept it going! I even got a HI MAMA!!! Yippee!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Grandma Hoekman's 90th Birthday!

Grandma Hoekman had her 90th birthday on July 15th. We all went down and spent some time together, then went to the buffet for dinner. It was a great, fun day!

Three of the Hoekman men.....

Jacob with his Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa.

Great-Grandpa and Jacob.

The Hoekman Men!!!
The Hoekman Women!

This has nothing to do with the Birthday Celebration, but Jacob is a fan of chips and salsa. He was dipping his chips on his own, which I just had to try and get on video!

And the Winner Is.....

Bob took 2nd place in his division at the Cannibal Cruise. The Cannibal Cruise is an annual car show we have here in Truckee. It's more than a car show; it's also a craft faire. There are booths, food, music...and not to mention lots of cool, old, souped up cars to check out! It draws a huge crowd and is a ton of fun! Here are some shots of Bob's 56 Ford Truck!!!!

Dig the steering wheel! It's bigger than a VW bug!! LOL. It has the old gauges and everything. It's sweet!! It's been lovingly worked on; that is for sure!