Friday, September 19, 2008

Let there be Heat...or at least some Air.....

John and Dad have started running the heating ducts etc. under the house. We will definately have a lot of storage under the house, which rules! Here are some pictures of the "goods" and what is going on under there!

Our First Attempt Posting Video.....

Jacob has really been taking to his rice cereal! He has been eating it on a regular basis and really enjoying it! Here is a video of the first time Daddy got to feed him cereal which was just the other night! He's starting to grab at his bowl and spoon now too!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Jacob had been taking his afternoon nap, and as usual I turned his mobile on, which plays classical music for 15 minutes. He had been asleep for almost an hour when all of the sudden I heard the music playing from his room. I had been in the other room and John was in the living room with the monitor. I went out and asked John if he had turned the music back on, and he said he hadn't. Once I went in the bedroom I could see how the music got turned back on! He must have pressed the button with his feet!!! It's amazing how turned around he can get in his crib during his naps!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Mom put this on her blog and I just had to put it on mine too! I totally remember this picture; Mom thinks it was about 1974. I think that was my Easter outfit. I can even see part of my old copper colored swing set, in the back righ tof the picture! Hee hee!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Here Comes the Paint!!

The painting has started! Jacob and I took our daily walk to the house to see Dad and John painting! I took some video as well...but I haven't figured out how to use it yet! Woo hoo!

The paint looks cool Dad!!!

I'm Getting so Big....

Maybe it's Jacob, or maybe it's these pajamas, but he looks like such a big boy when he is in them! I took these last night while he was on the couch!


decided he wanted to help feed himself here are some pictures!!!

He also decided, inside Mountain Hardware, that he need to not only take notes, but to eat them....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kart Work....

Justin has a race next weekend, So John and Dad have been out working on the karts to get them ready. Justin had some work done to his motor, so they had to put everything back together. John is here holding the brakes down for Dad, who is taking the lug nuts off so he can get the tires off. And here is a sticker on Justin's kart that the club gives the winner of every race. His kart is getting wallpapered with them!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Jacob has really been enjoying his Bounce, Bounce Baby chair, especially now that he fits in it better! He's really getting the hang of spinning the plastic ball that has the little beads and frogs in it!

Laying in the Sun....

Jacob and I went for some sunshine time outside and Oreo had already beaten us to it! Both Oreo and Shyla love going out on the deck, so it will be a switch when we get to the new house. Winter is around the corner, so they wouldn't be out much anyway, but it will be tough. The deck is on the second floor here, so they don't even think about jumping off. At the new house, they just might. So we are trying to come up with some ideas so they can still go outside.