Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve Day

Here are some pictures of my New Year's Eve table!

John and I will be using our champagne flutes from our wedding, while my in-laws will be using the Lenox Champagne glasses that match our wine glasses.

I couldn't resist this picture....while I was working on the table Justin and Jacob were watching the Sponge Bob movie (well, Jacob is playing and Justin is watching). Justin had his arm around Jacob!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grandpa Jim's Visit

Here is one of Jacob and I; he had just gotten up from his nap so we're trying to wake him up!

Daddy and Jacob having some fun! I see a clap coming on!

A great picture Grandpa Jim took.

Jacob and Grandpa Jim. Once Jacob woke up we all had a good time!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Time!!!

Justin with his 3x6' poster of his IKF win in Reno!

Jacob having fun with Elmo and watching everyone open gifts!

Thanking Santa maybe? It seems a bit "Godfather-ish" to me!

Justin and his skateboard he got from Santa.

Justin and one of his favorite things; a nutcracker pirate he got from Gram-Gram and Granddad!

Jacob playing with his Leap Frog reader!

Gram-Gram with a notebook that Justin made for her; it's his artwork on front!

Granddad with his annual tin of Christmas flavored popcorn!

Our Christmas ham! We didn't get a picture when it came out; but we are just happy it cooked! With 14+ inches of snow and flickering power; we are happy the power stayed on and our ham was cooked! Mmm!

Our Christmas table. Mom brought the linens up and the table runner was a wonderful gift from her friend Cathy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baking Marathon!

Mom and I spent most of yesterday baking, and it was a blast! We are planning on making baskets for a few of our neighbors. We made chocolate chip, oatmeal, ginger snap, peanut blossoms, sugar cookie sandwiches and some gingerbread! I hope we have some left for us to eat! Yumm!

Winter Wonders (Odes to Joy)

Justin's annual school program was on the 18th. It was a lot of fun! Justin is in the back row, right in the middle where the kids "part". He is wearing a red polo shirt. The entire 3rd grade sang "The Christmas Waltz", "Heri za Kwanzaa", "Candles, Candles", and "Yellow Snow".

Building of a Gingerbread House

Gram-Gram, Justin and I had fun putting together a gingerbread house! I think we all decided next year we are making our own frosting so we can get it to "glue" the way we want it to! But I think it turned out great and it was wonderful to have the time together!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sun and Snow make for a Beautiful Day!

After yesterday's darkness and snow overnight, it was wonderful to wake up this morning to blue skies and sunshine! We did get a bunch more snow overnight, but it's breathtaking outside!!!

Taco Invention....

We love taco's at our house! A friend of mine does "Taco Tuesdays" and I am thinking we should do the same thing! I usually do soft tacos; I just warm them up in a pan. John's mom has always done small corn ones, that she fries up in oil and puts on paper towels. I've tried it a few times, but I can never get them to come out right, so I just don't do it. John decided he wanted to try it, so he made a "drying stand" so that we could have them folded like restaurant taco shells. I think it worked out great! He built it with left over pine at the job!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it Snow!!!

Here are some pictures I just took from our front porch.....we've got at least 14 inches out there right now..probably more!!!

Rub a Dub Dub...Who Needs a Tub????

Jacob has totally outgrown his baby seems like ages ago! I have been bathing him, with me, in our spa tub, but when I'm pooped out that seems like such a big production! I have to get in, Daddy has to hand him to me, then Daddy has to come back in later to get him out of the tub so I can get out of the tub....I love taking baths with him but I tried plunking him in the kitchen sink and he LOVED it! He's also been clapping for a while now, and has just started doing the "Queen" wave and I happened to get it on camera! Yippee!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Preparations!

We had a great time trimming the tree! Unfortunately I haven't used the camera in these "darker" times with lights etc. and most of the pictures came out bad, but our tree looks beautiful!!! Justin and Jacob (and Daddy) had fun taking a break and playing with Daddy's hat!

Jacob on his gym.

I just can't resist posting pictures of him when he is being so cute :-)

Some new House Pictures

John put the "mantle" part up on our fireplace and I think it looks great! Now we are just crossing our fingers that the TV will fit up there :-)

This is the shower/tub in the boy's bathroom.

This is showing the framing on the doors and closets.

This is the detailing tile in the master; as you see it matches the boys' bathroom and the master shower!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Party Pictures

Jacob sure made the rounds at Mom and David's annual holiday party!

Gram-Gram and Jacob

Cousin Katrina and Jacob

Mommy and Jacob

Sarah and Jacob...

Jacob and Dom

Jacob and Dyan

Jacob and Mackenzie