Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let There Be Windows!!!!!

Today the windows arrived!!! The guys also started putting the siding up this morning. It will eventually be stained a different color. We are so excited to have the windows! It's amazing how much more like a "house" it truly looks with them! Yippee!

The front window....

The slider in the dining room/kitchen...

From left to right the Master Bath window, the door from the Master Bedroom to the deck, the kitchen window and the kitchen/dining room slider...

Same as above but there is an extra window on the left and that is the Master Bathroom shower window!!!

Now here's something you don't see every day....

This morning John called me from the job site and said "Go outside at check out the balloon, it looks like it is going to land in our backyard!!!". Jacob and I ran outside and it was on it's way to us, it looked like, and by the time I went back in and got the camera, it was one block over and it LANDED in someone's yard!! There was a woman walking her dog and her child in a stroller and I could hear her talking to the people in the balloon basket...that is how close we were! See the stop sign there in the picture? That is on the corner of our street and we are the second house in from the corner! Boy was it a sight to see!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Like Father Like Son.....

As you can see it was a rough day putting up the Tyvek wrapping on the house...these two just conked out after minutes sitting together....

Wow....I can use my hands to hold things and play!

Jacob has been reaching out and grabbing things for a bit now, like your nose, eyeballs...all that good stuff! But today he was really going for his rattle; which is a bit heavy so I only just introduced it, and he was having a ball with it! It was so fun to watch him watch me with it and then grab it out of my hand and smile when I praised his amazingness! I'm sure when he starts bonking me in the head with the rattle I'll rue the day I ever gave it to him.....The "Shoulder Bracelet" he has on is another rattle he's played with, but it's soft and squishy and so he wiggled it up his arm while he was playing with his new toy!

Gift Wrapping is Included....

Here is a front picture of the house; you can
see the garage quite well and on the left is
the entry and the side of the house. On the
right side whree the truck is is where the
go-karting trailer and work trailer will be.
We were going to build a low wall around it so
the neighbors could look at a decorated rock
wall instead of the trailers, but they got all
huffy and puffy so now no wall...of course now
they want it. Boo hoo!

Here are some pictures of the house with it's
"gift wrap"!! It's coming along quite nicely!

Here is Justin hard at work putting up the

Jacob couldn't help but he was sure happy to
be there to watch!!!

We are the Champions!!!

Justin came in first place (for the
second time in a row) and he is
now tied for First Place in his
classes' championship!

Bob came in Third Place in his class! He
was sure excited!!! We were all proud
of him!

I Love Playing with my Big Brother!

Jacob sure does like playing with his big brother! Sometimes it's hard to tell who is having the most fun!!!