Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Beginning of November....

Jacob had a lot of fun with his Dum Dum pop here...they are just his size!

John and I went to the River Ranch for our 3rd Wedding anniversary. Due to the world series and a slow week, they ended up letting some employees go home, and you know what that gets busy! We sat in the lounge and had a drink while waiting for our table. It was a lot of fun getting cozy on the couch!

For dinner we shared the Ahi Tuna appetizer and it was as delicious as I remember. John had the Peppercorn Steak, and while I thought I was going to have the Filet Mignon I found myself ordering the Rack of Lamb and boy am I glad I was AMAZING! It was totally delicious!

Since it was our anniversary they brought us a complimentary glass of champagne and it was quite delicious! We had originally planned on bringing a bottle of the champagne we served at our wedding, but decided at the last minute to keep it corked at home!
For dessert I had a berry crisp and John had a chocolate cake and both were incredible! We also shared a glass of port which was delicious too! All in all it was a great evening...the service was impeccible and the ambiance was romantic. A wonderful way to spend our anniversary!

Here is some video of Jacob enjoying his his high chair we give him cups without sippy lids (these are just like the ones Auntie Debbie and Uncle Ronnie used to have, but they are pastel Tupperware!) and he's started making noises while eating/drinking etc. It's too funny!


txpurplerose34 said...

Jacob is a delight as always.

You are as beautiful and John is as handsome as on your wedding day. Your happiness and joy in one another is most visible in these charming photos. What a wonderful, special, scrumptious anniversary dinner! Love and hugs,
Auntie Vaden

Katie said...

So thrilled you were able to celebrate you anniversary in such a special way. Sounds wonderful!